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Vink Groep and Accutrol

The Vink Groep is the representative partner for Accutrol Critical Airflow Control Solutions in Germany, Switzerland, the Benelux and Scandinavian region.

The partnership between Accutrol and the Vink Group combines the innovative highest quality precision control valves with the excellent air technology knowledge of the market leader in the Netherlands. This unique combination of the best control valves in the market and the air infra structure expert in Europe will provide our customers not only with product knowledge but also the necessary expertise for the total installation.

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AccuValve® airflow control valves

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Award-winning AccuValve® airflow control valves are the choice of the world’s most demanding customers — an unequaled combination of low energy use, true airflow measurement, high accuracy control, simplified installation, and owner independent operation/change control.

Please check the website of Accutrol for more information and detailed product information.

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Experience the power of Accutrol, LLC - revolutionizing airflow control and measurement for critical environments.

Our cutting-edge technologies redefine the industry, captivating the world's elite clientele. Discover the unmatched features and benefits of our award-winning products, as we become the unrivaled choice for the most discerning customers worldwide.

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28 August 2023

Partnership between the Vink Groep and Accutrol

Vink Groep will help organizations design, supply, install, and maintain the most energy-efficient facilities within the region’s new and existing critical environments. Danbury, CT, USA ― August 28, 2023 ― Accutrol LLC , the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative airflow technologies for critical environment airflow control and measurement, announced a new partnership agreement with Vink Groep. Vink
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Experience the pinnacle of precision with Accutrol Airflow Measurement Products. Engineered to perfection, our innovative solutions redefine airflow measurement, monitoring, and control. Seamlessly integrating with your building automation system (BAS), our products deliver unparalleled accuracy for a wide range of applications, including outside air, duct, fan inlet, and fan array. 



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